Thursday, November 11, 2010

lucy and finn

this has lucy written all over it...

sometimes i find finn dressed up and all set up on a chair or bed or couch with books or toys or something to occupy him.  
i always ask what he's doing and he always answers, "lucy did this."  
she is a crafty one, taking her time to get him situated and, thus, happily out of her way.  
reminds me a bit of certain mary taber and her little brother...

lucy has also taken to trying to teach finn to read.  
everything she learns, she comes home and, in a very authoritative manner, attempts to explain it to finn.
thus, finn has taken to slowly saying words.  listening for their sounds and guessing what letter they start with.
last week as he was doing this he came up to me and said, "mom, listen.  walk.  like go for a walk.  wu-wu-wu-walk.  it starts with 'w'.  and ride.  like ride your bike.  (which sounded like "wide")  wu-wu-wu-wide.  they both start with 'w'!"  he was too proud, i couldn't correct him...  he has time to learn, right?

and my last little story about finn and lucy that i have to remember, is bony chin.
the other morning all our kids came piling into our bed and pete and i were trying to ignore them and keep sleeping.  all of a sudden finn says, "i'm going to bony chin you!" and digs his bony little chin into my back.  lucy's shrill laughter exploded out of her mouth immediately and she started doing the same thing to pete.  apparently, it was a game they had made up a few days before.  they think it is hilarious.  

and while i am thinking of it, a few weeks back i told finn we were going to go somewhere and he did not want to leave what he was doing.  he told me just to go and he would stay here, finish his puzzle and wait for me to get back.  i reminded him that he cannot stay home by himself.  with all the seriousness in the world he told me, "but remember that time that you and lucy were gone and dad left me and jack home and went to the movie store?"  i really hoped knew this couldn't be true, so i said, "i don't think that happened, finn."  he was adamant that it had.  "yes.  dad went and got that gum ball movie."  ahh, now i understand.  "no, finn, he just walked across the street to borrow it from the musselmanns.  you really are not allowed to stay home by yourself."  he looked very defeated, but went to put his shoes on.

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Great story... Made me laugh...Just browsing through some blogs