Thursday, November 18, 2010


i have this amazing and dear friend named lucia who lives with her family in dallas.
(you may have noticed her mentioned on this blog before).
well, she happens to be one of those people with perfect taste.
she also has this innate ability to make any space beautiful.
even our dark, dingy, disgusting college apartment was made brighter and more stylish thanks to her.
thus, i was ever so excited to find photos of her home gracing the internet this morning.
(although a little surge of jealousy ran through me first, as i long to sit in her home with her family catching up on life over a cup of coffee or a lovely meal...)
i could probably go on and on about lucia and her family, but i won't just now.
take a peak at the rest of her home here.
(thanks, joslyn.  and sorry if i felt some jealousy towards you for a brief moment today...)

oh, and a very happy birthday, mr. simek.

1 comment:

Joslyn said...

no apology necessary ;-)
I live across the country from my best friend too.
totally understand!