Thursday, November 4, 2010

flag football

is it weird to anyone else, that i have a child playing football?
seriously, how am i this old?


Sara said...

the little mouthguards are so cute. Jack is a total stud.

Lucia said...

wow. yeah, it IS wierd you have a kid playing football! i was just thinking about how it's our 10 year rome anniversary, so holy crap... it's all wierd! TEN years ago me, you, Pete and Nordo were treking through ireland and sleeping in hostels and drinking guinness and definately NOT taking our kids to football practice. weird? yes, em, yes. but awesome.

becca said...

how is this possible? does he have little girls cheering him on the way we used to? or rather we would pretend we didn't care, but beg our mom's to stay after school to 'not' cheer on the boys?