Monday, November 1, 2010

all saints day

every year for all saints day the kindergarden through 4th grade at vdm each choose a saint to dress up as and give a little speech about.  i am always so in love with the kindergarteners as they get up there and recite their memorized speeches.  they are always too cute for words.  this year jack chose to be st. gregory the great and lucy chose, of course, st. lucy.  lucy was so excited for this (which was somewhat shocking considering how shy she tends to be) and i personally thought she was hysterical.  the boy who went just before her told how old his saint was when he died and as lucy stepped up to the microphone she looked back at her teacher, a little panicked realizing she did not include this information, and asked, "how old was i?"  she quickly got over it and dove into her speech.  halfway through she got stuck and made a scrunched-up, very lucy face (kind of like this one) and loudly said, "what?!!" as if to no one but herself, then immediately remembered and continued her speech to the end.  she cracks me up.  jack, of course, did an excellent job, as well.

look at all those well behaved kindergardeners sitting quietly listening to the older kids' speeches...  oh, except for those two troublemakers on the far left...

and good old st. gregory ever so seriously telling us about his life...

happy all saints day!

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