Wednesday, October 20, 2010

worth it

the morning we were supposed to leave for california, i got a flat tire.  it was 6:45 in the morning and i had two very excited kids in the car ready to go pick up their cousins (jack opted out of this trip, as he really didn't want to miss school.  that's right, jack didn't want to miss school).  we had to wait for triple a to come put the spare on, then go to discount tire and wait for them to repair the tire and then we were off again to christine's house.  once at christine's, we started loading up the car and put a car seat covered in ants into the back seat.  we resolved that problem and were finally on our way at 10:30.  oh, and finn fell out of the car and landed on his head while we were at christine's, too.  good, good times.  the car ride there was hilarious, as expected with potty breaks, snack needs, ruby brushing her teeth with the world's tiniest toothbrush, dropping pencils, needing books, singing along to mary poppins, etc.  i owe christine big-time for taking on the role of kid wrangler.  while at the beach, we had a frightening experience with an amazon spider and, of course, another ridiculous ride home with 4 kids under 5 and 2 moms.  
and, yet, all things considered, it was totally worth it.  i'll take all the madness in exchange for the ocean, sand, fresh air and cloudy skies.  and my kids will forever have the very best memories of being at the beach with their cousins.  i just need to remind myself to laugh at the crazy and enjoy all the rest.

thursday night christine and i stayed up after the kids were in bed and ate hippo cookies (we didn't have to share them with any little moochers), drank wine, watched project runway and sewed.  try not to be too jealous of us...  anyway, despite my sewing machine deciding to die on me, i made these hilarious pants for mr. finn (which pete told me are "so P.R.), sewed up a nifty little wallet and started a christmas present that i am quite excited about.  so, our trip was fun and productive... but mainly just fun.

yes, its always worth it.

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Victoria said...

What a fun trip and an adorable family you have! Your header family photo is so fun:)