Friday, October 8, 2010

oh, happy.

we finally got our new computer up and running and nicely set up in our front room instead of the hot, stuffy little closet we used to use as a computer room.  it makes me very happy every time i walk out and see it - not just having a new computer, but the entire new set-up makes me smile.  and it is kind of crazy how much faster this new (to us) mac is.  it almost makes me sick to think how long it used to take me to do things that now take me a fraction of the time.  now when i sit at the computer there are lovely pictures above it, the mountain out my window and crazy kids all around me.  good stuff.


diane said...

I love the set up. Your picture wall looks fun too!

The Bird Family said...

oh so fun! want to come to my house and show me how to put our computer in our kitchen or living space and get it out of our room in case we're still here when this baby comes?

Amy said...

Lovely new computer, in a lovely setting! I just got a new mac too... this weekend. It doesn't have as pretty a home as yours, but it is amazing!