Tuesday, October 5, 2010

God bless timwoods.

for roughly the past year, finn has prayed for my cousin tim every single night before going to bed.  "God bless timwoods."  (yes, it is one word when he says it...  jack, lucy, timwoods).  tim has been in iraq since last october and has become a sort of celebrity in finn's eyes.  as excited as jack would be to meet derek jeter, that's how excited finn was to meet timwoods.  my cousin katie was kind enough to even send finn some serious "soldier pictures" of tim in uniform and flying his helicopter.  i think we looked at those pictures a good couple thousand times.  so last wednesday, the woods' family was kind enough to let us tag along for tim's homecoming.  i think both my boys were completely in awe of the whole experience (they didn't even seem to mind the long, hot wait).

it was really interesting to me how much jack got out of the whole thing all on his own.  there were kids there probably about his same age with signs that said "welcome home dad" and he kept asking me if their dad had really been away fighting and for how long.  he knew my cousin tim had a wife and baby that he had been away from, but somehow seeing kids his own age made that much more real.  then he caught sight of a sign that read "welcome home mom."  he was kind of floored that some kids even had to go without their moms for a whole year (or more).  needless to say, there were lots of questions on the ride home.  it definitely had a major impact on him.  perhaps every kid should be more exposed to things like this to really appreciate all they have...

despite having his wife and baby, his parents, siblings, nephews and friends there, tim was so sweet to give finn a couple minutes of his time.  i think it made finn's year.  he has already asked me if i can give him the above picture to "actually hold and keep in my room."

post edit:  i just wanted to explain a little bit more just how special this experience was for finn.  there were A LOT of people there to see tim.  family and friends (did i mention a wife and baby who he's been away from?) all lined up to give him a hug and welcome him home.  tim knelt down and shook hands with finn and jack and talked to them for a minute.  finn was a little shy at first but then decided he really wanted to give tim a hug.  he kind of just ran at him.  tim hugged him and then picked him up.  he then proceeded to hold finn while saying hello to friends and shaking hands.  finn just kept smiling back at me, like he couldn't quite believe it.  
i don't think finn will ever forget it.

and, based on prayers last night, i think finn is going to keep on praying for timwoods every night.


Mary Weisse said...

So cute. In the top one, it looks like Finn is waiting to get an autograph. It was so nice of Tim to even say more than Hi to Finn.

Tricia said...

This is so precious <3

Anonymous said...

Great Story. His Autograph is worth way more than Derek Jeter's. God Bless Tim Woods and all of our soldiers. - Luke

Lucia said...

i love this story. what a memory! yay timwooods!

Stephanie said...

Oh my. This story made me smile :) Both timwoods and your son look so happy!!

HeyChicago said...

Oh! I love these photos.
Thank you Mr. Finn for all of your prayers.
We were right there with you.
I'm so glad you were there to welcome Tim.
How special for him to have so many faces he recognized eagerly awaiting him that day.
I'm sure there were many watching proudly form above as well.
Love to the Burches,

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includes the word "stud"

Just sayin'.

dreamday said...

i love this!