Wednesday, October 6, 2010

double rainbow.

did anyone else enjoy the rainy day yesterday as much as we did?
we had the front doors open and laid on the couches doing homework and reading.
it was kind of perfect.
jack got super excited when he spotted a double rainbow over camelback mountain.
not as excited as this guy, but still pretty excited.
i think i could go for a whole week of rain.  and during that week, it would be nice if there was nothing else going on.  just plenty of time to lay around, read, nap, eat soup and enjoy the rain.  where can i place an order for a week like that?
and don't you love the smell of rain in phoenix?  i do believe it is one of my favorite smells.


Sara said...

it cracks me up how much you guys love rain. And it kills me how short that raincoat is getting on Lucy! Aauuuuuugggggghhhh... they must STOP with all the growing!!!

the Speiers said...

I love the rain, too. It is such a treat. I also love the double rainbow guy. "What does this meeean?"

The Bird Family said...

I love those pictures of Lucy! Let me know when you place your order so we can schedule a visit. Fiona would think she was in heaven.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

We loved the rain here in San Diego too. Love the puddle jumping pictures.