Thursday, September 2, 2010

swim lessons

(two excited little swimmers waiting for the "10 o'clock swimmers!" call)

not so long ago (last may to be exact) finn had absolutely no interest in swimming.  none.  sitting and splashing on the steps was fine, but he would actually lose his mind if we tried to make him go under.  
then ed (the best swim coach ever) suggested i put finn in his class with ruby.  i was slightly hesitant, as i hate being the parent whose kid overruns the class with hysterical screams and possibly freaks out any of the other little swimmers.  ed told me, "i think finn will surprise you."  i thought not.  
well, if ed would like to give me a big, fat "i told you so" he is more than welcome.
that guy sure has a talent for making kids comfortable in the water.
now all finn wants to do is swim.  he could stay in for hours.  he swims across the pool by himself.  he jumps in and swims to the steps.  he gets rings off the bottom of the pool.  he begs me to swim him to the bottom of the deep-end.  we usually have to bribe him out of the water.
and his very favorite day of the week is wednesday.  when he gets to go to swim lessons.

and its always an extra good day if you get a ribbon (and a cookie)...


Ivana said...

Oh my Go, he is soooooooo cute!

Greetings from Europe-> Croatia-> Zagreb, Ivana

allison speier said...

Hooray for Finn!

mamamchale said...

who's that hot swim coach?