Thursday, September 9, 2010

crumpled old paper

so, part of the reason i wanted to start this blog was as an easy spot to write down the funny little things our kids did or said.  when jack was born i started a little journal, but as babies don't do much worth writing down ("he nursed 23 times today, pooped 4 and refused to nap" never seemed like a very exciting journal entry), i decided i would just write little bits and hopefully have more humorous things to include as he got older.  well, my good intentions never came to fruition.  i always managed to put off getting out that old dusty journal and recording anything, but i was still determined that one day i was going to get around to it.  thus, i decided to write things down on little scraps of paper whenever they happened and stick them in the journal to be nicely written in order at some later date in time.  needless to say, i have a journal full of crap scraps of paper and an entire envelope filled of things about lucy and finn, most of which probably make no sense to me at this point (things like "sept. - lucy and a duck" which i somehow thought would trigger that unforgettable moment...).  sadly, i have fallen back into that trap this summer.  my purse and wallet are full of random notes.  my desk is covered in whatever little paper i could find when i thought of something i wanted to write down before i forgot.  so, for the sake of posterity, i am going to write a random list of all the little things that have made me giggle over the past 6 months.  and to my kids - i will try to be a more diligent recorder of your memories.

so, from the many crumpled old papers i found in the bottom of my purse (note: most of these are 4-6 months old)...

- finn, while holding up a chewbacca action figure to me, "pretend he's peter pan.  pretend he's not hairy and he's green and he doesn't talk like chewbacca."
- lucy, "maaaa-om!  i have bones inside me?!!!"
- me, "what is going on inside your head?"  lucy, "a movie."
- jack (after a late night in which he promised his dad he would get up nicely in the morning) says to me as he is fussing about not wanting to go to school, "he didn't say anything about school.  what was dad thinking?"
- finn to mimi after she gave him $10 to buy something at disneyland, "thanks, but disneyland costs more than $10."
- in the spring, lucy was reminiscing about disneyland and her first time on space mountain, "gosh, golly!  i did not like that ride!"
- finn, "this is peter pan... and he can shoot bombs out of his face."  (yikes...)
- lucy, "would you rather have a regular house or like a truck or car house that you could drive?"  after i answered that i would rather have a regular house, lucy told me, "i would rather have a truck or car house cuz then you could just drop jack off at school and none of us would have to go anywhere."
- lucy, "i always like arms to be pillows when i don't have a pillow."
- one morning my stomach was hurting and lucy told me she would take care of me and asked, "would you like ice for your tummy?"
- while ice skating, lucy said, "the ice is so slippy-er!"
- finn, "mimi took us to see 'the stickable knee.'" (despicable me)
- at mojo, i questioned jack's extreme toppings, to which he replied, "that's how i roll." (seriously?)

and a few more from the last week...
- lucy, "when i drink squirt it makes my eyes all glittery."
- finn, "when i'm like 16 or something and i'm grown up and i play real baseball...."  (because 16 is really old, as this was finn's guess as to how old i was on my birthday.  when i told him no, his second guess was 14...  i think we have some learning to do with our numbers still...).
- finn, "lucy, don't we not like bugs?"
- finn, "lucy, don't you love geico?"  (as you can see, lucy is the authority on finn's opinions).
- lucy, "i like to lay on the floor while i color because then it kind of gives me a rest at the same time."
- lucy, "mom, can i play with the indiana of the jones' legos?"
- finn, "how do you spell "al"?"  after being told, he exclaimed, "A, L!  that's it?!!"
- jack, "can lili and i start a book club.  like a real book club where we get to go to like a coffee shop or something and talk about our book?"
- lucy, "soccer practice today and first day of homework tomorrow?!!  best two days ever!!!  hurray!!"  (lucy actually uses the word "hurray" in the most sincerest of moments - jumping up and down with true emotion, yelling "hurray!").  i want to save this one for lucy when she is in junior high and feeling lazy and whining about sports practices and homework...  best two days ever, remember?

so, i apologize for a very wordy post, but if you are not jack, lucy or finn, it wasn't really for you anyway...
it was kind of for you, though, erin.


Mary Weisse said...

At least you remember to write them on scraps. Good work getting it on the blog. Jimmy told me last night that "Fred" is going to nurse from his nipples all the time when he gets here. I should write that down.
Also, I could totally picture Jack saying "That's how I roll" because it sound just like Pete in my head.

ErinT said...

Hurray! Thanks Em. I did love this post. Keep 'em coming!

emily said...

This is hilarious! I totally do the same thing! It started as just height/weight measurements that I was too lazy to actually record in the baby book. Then it was funny mispronounced toddler words. Now it's the little exchanges that seem to happen faster than I can write (and then my dumb mom-brain just forgets them). I'm really impressed that you managed to find them and get them all on your blog. I'm also a little worried about what is going to happen when you have all 3 kids in school and have even MORE time on your hands! I can't wait to see what you find in your purse then!