Wednesday, September 8, 2010

chocolate chip cookies

i am sure it is a very common sentiment, but i have a lot of memories tied up in baking chocolate chip cookies.
i used to bake them with my mom and my sisters in this very same kitchen that i now make them with my kids.
i remember my mom always letting us lick the cookie dough...  no salmonella worries in our house.
erin and mary loved to steal licks of just the butter and sugar all whipped together.  i thought this was disgusting.  one time my mom even let mary make a butter/sugar sandwich, i do believe.
if my mom wasn't up for baking cookies, i could always sneak away to mimi's house next door and join her for some chocolate chip cookie baking.  or maybe she really wanted to bake cookies, but needed a kid for her excuse, and i was always happy to oblige...
i remember being in awe of my sister erin when she had memorized the nestle tollhouse recipe.  except she always left out the salt.  she would tell me with the utmost confidence that they tasted much better without salt and i would nod to her superior opinion.
in college one time, leslie statt and i bought a tube of cookie dough, but late one night after a party we were too lazy to make the actual cookies and so hungry we opted to just eat the dough.  john husted joined us and literally squeezed the roll of dough into his mouth.  i think i laughed to the point of tears that night.  
when lucy was a baby, katie used to come over to my house with a pack of break-n-bake chocolate chip cookies and the next disc of alias.  we would sit on the couch watching episode after episode of jennifer garner's world saving skills and stuff our faces with hot chocolate chip cookies.  
and now i bake chocolate chip cookies with my kids.
and so, the good times continue...


Sara said...

once again, our worlds collide. Yesterday I was on the verge of making choc chip cookies b/c I thought it would be such a nice treat for the kids when they got home from school. But then I made apple cake instead b/c I had some old, kind of gross apples that nobody wanted to eat. They loved them in cake though!

Mary Weisse said...

Ummm. Nothing like a sugar and butter sandwich! I also got to eat just butter and sugar mixed together in a little bowl sometimes. What a nice Mom!... On another note, have you been sad since people got Salmonella from eating Nestle Uncooked Cookie Dough which says on the package not to eat unless cooked? I love eathing it uncooked and haven't been since I am pregnant, but I think I will still do it later and take my chances.

ErinT said...

I would just like to add that I do use salt in my chocolate chip cookies now. A little sea salt sprinkled on top is amazing. I don't know what I was thinking back then:) I guess all that butter and sugar ruined my taste buds.

HeyChicago said...

This is one of my favorite posts you've ever done, Em. Love, Kate