Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back to school dinner

ok, so i didn't pull things off quite like i imagined... i envisioned a sort of mad hatters tea party of sorts, but didn't really have time to do all the things i had planned.  being out of town until the day before school starts is never a good idea in the first place, especially when you get home at 4:00 and are trying to make a fun dinner for your kids.  i made the kids "back to school hats" in the car on the way home from california, so they, too, were not quite as i had imagined.  i jumped out of the car and started making dinner and dessert immediately (same dinner as last year, since my little creature of habit, jack, thinks that is a major part of our back-to-school tradition.  he did, however, request brownie ice cream sundaes for dessert which was lucky for me since i was a little pressed for time...).  i realized i had forgotten the sparkling lemonade, but it was too late for it at that point.  as the clock was ticking, i scratched the idea of setting up the table in any special way for the occasion and limited my decorations to throwing up some japanese lanterns.  we ate dinner and dessert out of tea cups and on tea plates and the kids wore their hats.  they thought it was fantastic.  even if i hadn't put quite as much time into it as i had hoped...  i will have to make sure i have some better advance planning for next year.

good times either way... advanced planning or not.


The Bird Family said...

you are amazing.

Mary Weisse said...

Yes, and this is why you put us all to shame.,, I can only imagine if you had done it all as planned.

Elizabeth said...

That is just too adorable for words!! I loved doing a nice back to school dinner every year too, but I never thought to take it to the next level like you have!
Love how you celebrate the small events of life, that is how it should be :)