Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how's your september?

we're still swimming...

as much as i am looking forward to cooler days, i must say, i am going to miss swimming.  not that i have too much to miss just yet, as it seems like we will be swimming until halloween...  

Monday, September 20, 2010

lunch duty

as hot as it has been for lunch duty, i must say, i kind of love going.
just to get those glimpses of what your kids' days are like and who the kids they play with are, how they interact and what they do.
its so hard transitioning from having these little kids home with you all day, every day to having them gone for most of the day, 5 days a week.  you are involved in every aspect of their lives, then suddenly they have this whole life that you are not a part of.  
and i will give them that, but it is still nice to have the little glimpses.
and finn loves it.

(poor lucy.  look at those perfectly straight parts in the other girls' hair and then look at hers.  sorry, lucy.  i never had straight parts either...)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

a letter to my husband about poop.

stop reading now if the title bothers you, because that is exactly what this post is about... poop.

dear pete,
last night around 11:15, while you were out on the town with all your work dudes in san francisco having fun (hopefully not too much fun...), i was woken up by a delirious, half-asleep, eyes-still-closed, squirmy mr. finn who had to go to the bathroom.  i take him into the bathroom and stand him in front of the toilet.  he's still mostly asleep and kind of starts fussing about the situation.  i tell him its fine and just go so we can go back to bed.  he's still not going which i thought was weird since he is clearly squirming all over the place as if he is trying to hold it in, so i continue to reassure him again and again that really it is fine and he should just go.  i hear (or rather feel) a little ploop, ploop, ploop.  down his legs, down the front of my pajama pants, lands on my feet and on the floor.  fantastic.  apparently i had been reassuring the poor kid that it was totally ok to just poo standing right there in front of (rather than on) the toilet.  now we are just standing there in our messy little situation with no husband to call in for backup.  no one to call in and say you clean up this guy while i get the rest of this.  so, i clean us all up and we go back to bed.  not that having you there, pete, would have prevented it from happening, but i can't help but laugh at the fact that this is the kind of stuff that always happens when you are gone.  so, basically, we miss you (and not just because you are not here to help) and i hope you are not too bummed that you missed out on poo clean-up last night.
that's all.
love, emily

also, happy birthday, uncle al.  we miss you, too and hope you are having a fantastic time in rome (or wherever you find yourself in europe today).  

sorry to share your birthday wishes with the poop story.  
it is what it is.  

post edit - al, this is what we sent you for your birthday.  

it is a surprise ball.  hopefully it actually makes it all the way to you.  and hopefully it somewhat resembles this picture (we kind of squished it into an envelope).  and hopefully you enjoy its randomness.  once again, happy birthday.  we love you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

laundry baskets and cousins

two highly entertaining items in my kids lives...

jimmy and finn were being lucy's babies (you can almost read the baby "goo" noises on their lips) and she was pushing them around in their "buggy" to go to school, the store, etc.  she would stop, tell them to get out, tell them where they were and then tell them to get back in and push them off again to some new imaginary location.  they did whatever she said.  its no wonder lucy loves playing with them...

Friday, September 10, 2010

friday night dinner

this has become our sort of go-to friday dinner lately...

cheese, fruit and bread.  no meat.  nothing that needs to be cooked at all... although i do toast the bread.
its a lovely way to start the weekend.
i get out of actually cooking.  pete and i share a bottle of wine.  and, best of all, the kids totally buy it as "dinner."
its kind of fantastic.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

crumpled old paper

so, part of the reason i wanted to start this blog was as an easy spot to write down the funny little things our kids did or said.  when jack was born i started a little journal, but as babies don't do much worth writing down ("he nursed 23 times today, pooped 4 and refused to nap" never seemed like a very exciting journal entry), i decided i would just write little bits and hopefully have more humorous things to include as he got older.  well, my good intentions never came to fruition.  i always managed to put off getting out that old dusty journal and recording anything, but i was still determined that one day i was going to get around to it.  thus, i decided to write things down on little scraps of paper whenever they happened and stick them in the journal to be nicely written in order at some later date in time.  needless to say, i have a journal full of crap scraps of paper and an entire envelope filled of things about lucy and finn, most of which probably make no sense to me at this point (things like "sept. - lucy and a duck" which i somehow thought would trigger that unforgettable moment...).  sadly, i have fallen back into that trap this summer.  my purse and wallet are full of random notes.  my desk is covered in whatever little paper i could find when i thought of something i wanted to write down before i forgot.  so, for the sake of posterity, i am going to write a random list of all the little things that have made me giggle over the past 6 months.  and to my kids - i will try to be a more diligent recorder of your memories.

so, from the many crumpled old papers i found in the bottom of my purse (note: most of these are 4-6 months old)...

- finn, while holding up a chewbacca action figure to me, "pretend he's peter pan.  pretend he's not hairy and he's green and he doesn't talk like chewbacca."
- lucy, "maaaa-om!  i have bones inside me?!!!"
- me, "what is going on inside your head?"  lucy, "a movie."
- jack (after a late night in which he promised his dad he would get up nicely in the morning) says to me as he is fussing about not wanting to go to school, "he didn't say anything about school.  what was dad thinking?"
- finn to mimi after she gave him $10 to buy something at disneyland, "thanks, but disneyland costs more than $10."
- in the spring, lucy was reminiscing about disneyland and her first time on space mountain, "gosh, golly!  i did not like that ride!"
- finn, "this is peter pan... and he can shoot bombs out of his face."  (yikes...)
- lucy, "would you rather have a regular house or like a truck or car house that you could drive?"  after i answered that i would rather have a regular house, lucy told me, "i would rather have a truck or car house cuz then you could just drop jack off at school and none of us would have to go anywhere."
- lucy, "i always like arms to be pillows when i don't have a pillow."
- one morning my stomach was hurting and lucy told me she would take care of me and asked, "would you like ice for your tummy?"
- while ice skating, lucy said, "the ice is so slippy-er!"
- finn, "mimi took us to see 'the stickable knee.'" (despicable me)
- at mojo, i questioned jack's extreme toppings, to which he replied, "that's how i roll." (seriously?)

and a few more from the last week...
- lucy, "when i drink squirt it makes my eyes all glittery."
- finn, "when i'm like 16 or something and i'm grown up and i play real baseball...."  (because 16 is really old, as this was finn's guess as to how old i was on my birthday.  when i told him no, his second guess was 14...  i think we have some learning to do with our numbers still...).
- finn, "lucy, don't we not like bugs?"
- finn, "lucy, don't you love geico?"  (as you can see, lucy is the authority on finn's opinions).
- lucy, "i like to lay on the floor while i color because then it kind of gives me a rest at the same time."
- lucy, "mom, can i play with the indiana of the jones' legos?"
- finn, "how do you spell "al"?"  after being told, he exclaimed, "A, L!  that's it?!!"
- jack, "can lili and i start a book club.  like a real book club where we get to go to like a coffee shop or something and talk about our book?"
- lucy, "soccer practice today and first day of homework tomorrow?!!  best two days ever!!!  hurray!!"  (lucy actually uses the word "hurray" in the most sincerest of moments - jumping up and down with true emotion, yelling "hurray!").  i want to save this one for lucy when she is in junior high and feeling lazy and whining about sports practices and homework...  best two days ever, remember?

so, i apologize for a very wordy post, but if you are not jack, lucy or finn, it wasn't really for you anyway...
it was kind of for you, though, erin.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

chocolate chip cookies

i am sure it is a very common sentiment, but i have a lot of memories tied up in baking chocolate chip cookies.
i used to bake them with my mom and my sisters in this very same kitchen that i now make them with my kids.
i remember my mom always letting us lick the cookie dough...  no salmonella worries in our house.
erin and mary loved to steal licks of just the butter and sugar all whipped together.  i thought this was disgusting.  one time my mom even let mary make a butter/sugar sandwich, i do believe.
if my mom wasn't up for baking cookies, i could always sneak away to mimi's house next door and join her for some chocolate chip cookie baking.  or maybe she really wanted to bake cookies, but needed a kid for her excuse, and i was always happy to oblige...
i remember being in awe of my sister erin when she had memorized the nestle tollhouse recipe.  except she always left out the salt.  she would tell me with the utmost confidence that they tasted much better without salt and i would nod to her superior opinion.
in college one time, leslie statt and i bought a tube of cookie dough, but late one night after a party we were too lazy to make the actual cookies and so hungry we opted to just eat the dough.  john husted joined us and literally squeezed the roll of dough into his mouth.  i think i laughed to the point of tears that night.  
when lucy was a baby, katie used to come over to my house with a pack of break-n-bake chocolate chip cookies and the next disc of alias.  we would sit on the couch watching episode after episode of jennifer garner's world saving skills and stuff our faces with hot chocolate chip cookies.  
and now i bake chocolate chip cookies with my kids.
and so, the good times continue...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just because...

this is how baabee gets you cozied up on his bed with a stack of books...

geez.  could my kids be any more serious?

Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day

hope yours was as relaxing as ours...

Friday, September 3, 2010

and so it goes...

lucy's first full day was today.
now i really feel like the school year has begun...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

swim lessons

(two excited little swimmers waiting for the "10 o'clock swimmers!" call)

not so long ago (last may to be exact) finn had absolutely no interest in swimming.  none.  sitting and splashing on the steps was fine, but he would actually lose his mind if we tried to make him go under.  
then ed (the best swim coach ever) suggested i put finn in his class with ruby.  i was slightly hesitant, as i hate being the parent whose kid overruns the class with hysterical screams and possibly freaks out any of the other little swimmers.  ed told me, "i think finn will surprise you."  i thought not.  
well, if ed would like to give me a big, fat "i told you so" he is more than welcome.
that guy sure has a talent for making kids comfortable in the water.
now all finn wants to do is swim.  he could stay in for hours.  he swims across the pool by himself.  he jumps in and swims to the steps.  he gets rings off the bottom of the pool.  he begs me to swim him to the bottom of the deep-end.  we usually have to bribe him out of the water.
and his very favorite day of the week is wednesday.  when he gets to go to swim lessons.

and its always an extra good day if you get a ribbon (and a cookie)...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back to school dinner

ok, so i didn't pull things off quite like i imagined... i envisioned a sort of mad hatters tea party of sorts, but didn't really have time to do all the things i had planned.  being out of town until the day before school starts is never a good idea in the first place, especially when you get home at 4:00 and are trying to make a fun dinner for your kids.  i made the kids "back to school hats" in the car on the way home from california, so they, too, were not quite as i had imagined.  i jumped out of the car and started making dinner and dessert immediately (same dinner as last year, since my little creature of habit, jack, thinks that is a major part of our back-to-school tradition.  he did, however, request brownie ice cream sundaes for dessert which was lucky for me since i was a little pressed for time...).  i realized i had forgotten the sparkling lemonade, but it was too late for it at that point.  as the clock was ticking, i scratched the idea of setting up the table in any special way for the occasion and limited my decorations to throwing up some japanese lanterns.  we ate dinner and dessert out of tea cups and on tea plates and the kids wore their hats.  they thought it was fantastic.  even if i hadn't put quite as much time into it as i had hoped...  i will have to make sure i have some better advance planning for next year.

good times either way... advanced planning or not.