Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation Journal - New York: July 26 and goodbye

see that sign in front of the metropolitan museum of art?
the one that says "closed today"?
bummer planning on our part.  and i kind of had my heart set on it...  oh, well.
no worries.  we just hopped on the bus heading down 5th ave. to the central park zoo instead.  
but only after finishing our coffee on the steps and letting the girls all run around and play for a bit.
we decided lucy and eva should both try their hardest to get hurt to the point of tears before we moved on.  so, they did.  good times.

the whole time we were in new york, lucy would comment on how "finn would love this" and "jack would love that" or "i can't wait to show this to finn" and "i can't wait to tell jack about that."  it is kind of sweet how much she seemed to miss them.  after all, she is used to having them always around to show things to and experience things with.  the zoo put this over the edge.  every single thing we saw was something one of her brothers would love.  i mean, polar bears and penguins?  we will have to plan a family trip someday...

a tearful goodbye was had with our dear friends.  hopefully, we will be seeing you all soon.

then lucy and i made one last stop before heading home to our boys (who we missed so, so, so very much!).  and, thus, lucy finally made it to "shorts" (f.a.o. schwarz).  we spent way too much time here wandering up and down every aisle and had to rush back to the apartment to meet our ride to the airport. it was worth it taking the time to look at every single playmobil set they had.

so, that was our trip.
i hope lucy remembers at least some small bits and pieces of it for the rest of her life.
i know i will.


Sara said...

we have polar bears AND penguins at our zoo!! And we have a membership and free guest passes... and we have American Girl, boxes of playmobil, etc. etc. etc. COME HERE NEXT!! (we also have coffee for Emily!)

Joslyn said...

hey it's my buddies!
so fun to see those photos...lucia is so fantastically lovely!!

looks like you guys had a great time.

i have that same stripey top