Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacation Journal - New York: July 25

sunday morning we woke up in long island and hopped the train back to the city with the simeks along for the ride and made it (just in time) for mass at st. patrick's.

we were treated to a lovely brunch at loretta's and, sadly, had to say our goodbye's to her then, as she was heading out of town that afternoon.  after a wonderful meal and chatting over coffee, we made our way back to central park.  the girls, of course, flitted about from one thing to the next in absolute heaven.

after making our way all the way through the park, we finally reached the grand destination of the plaza. thanks to one miss eloise (and thank you, lauren, for giving that book to lucy before she was even born) the girls were beside themselves to go through the revolving doors with the PP on them and into the lobby.  they giggled and danced about and i am sure the employees just rolled their eyes at more moms letting their kids live out their eloise fantasies.

after our romp through the plaza, we took the subway and headed south toward greenwich village.
as usual, the girls were thrilled to ride the subway.

it started to rain, so we ran through the streets to reach our destination - arturo's, a simek family favorite.  it was delicious.  the pizza, the mussels, the beer, the crayons and paper for the kids...  it was just what everyone needed.  thinking of their pizza right now is making me so hungry...
(side note, as we ran through the rain a random stranger appeared out of nowhere and presented lucia, carrying baby oliver, with an umbrella.  simply said, "here" and walked away.  one of those magical, people-are-really-good kind of moments).  

then i dragged everyone to once upon a tart, which i was ever so excited to visit as it is one of my very favorite cookbooks.  it was perfect.  and delicious.  even if lucy did spill my coffee...

and then i dragged everyone a little further to popbar.  
it was perfect.
just look at the pictures, as they completely speak for themselves...

oliver and felicity fell asleep, so i took lucy and eva on for a few more adventures.
(lucy actually passed out on my back but once we got on the subway, woke up and was in no way ready to end the day).
i told them i would take them to bryant park.
well, we got to bryant park and they looked around more than disappointed.  "where's the park?" they wanted to know.  "this is it," i told them.  "this isn't a park," they responded in perfect unison.  apparently their definition of a park is a playground and they were somehow convinced that i had pulled one over on them.  it didn't help that the carousel was not running either.  so, i bought them a giant soft pretzel and that seemed to make them temporarily happy.

the bathrooms, however, made this whole stop worth it for them.  the toilets had a button you could push and plastic wrap would shoot around the toilet seat, so you could have your own sanitary place to sit.  the girls thought this was hysterical and we may have wasted a bit of this special sanitary seat wrap.  eva even gave it a try as she was sitting on it.  lucy could hardly breath when eva tried this.  then, the extremely loud and insanely powerful hand dryers put them into a complete fit of giggles.  they could see their skin being moved by its power and thought the way their faces were distorted in the metal was a definite cause for hysterics.  the other people in the bathroom probably thought we were insane, as i couldn't help but laugh at these two silly little girls...

we checked out the library and the girls chatted on the steps about the pevensie children and aslan and eva explained to lucy how peter, susan and edmund call lucy pevensie "lu" so that is why she calls lucy burch "lu"...  all conversation in a most serious and important tone.  
there was a little disappointment over not being able to sit on "aslan's" back, however.

by the end of it all, i really think they believed they owned the city...

we ran through grand central terminal, which the girls thought was magical and huge and a cause for important pretend phone calls (audrey, did you get lucy's message?), pretending to be a pegasus (eva barely looked up and immediately spotted the pegasus on the ceiling), and a great deal of dancing...

when all was said and done and i thought we should be heading home, they, of course, reminded me that i told them we could go to a "park" (more specifically, a playground).  they twisted my arm and i took them, once again, to central park.  

they ran around keeping a close eye on the only two tire swings in the playground, both of which were taken at the time we arrived.  the minute someone got off they bolted for it and i seriously think i pushed them and spun them on that swing for a good hour.  no exaggeration.  they giggled and squealed and screamed and begged for "just one more spin" until it was almost dark.  finally, i dragged them home by telling them they could pretend to be horses and gallop the whole way.  which they did.

when we got to the apartment, they asked if they could walk in ahead of me and pretend that they lived there.  i let them and they smiled at each other, holding hands, the whole way in and up the elevator.  when we got to our floor they decided to pretend that they lived right next door to each other, but that just tonight they were having a sleep over.  i love the way their imaginations work so nicely together.
they really are two little kindred spirits.


dreamday said...

i'm having so much fun reading about your new york city adventures and making mental notes of all the places i need to visit!!!

Mary Weisse said...

Eva is such an Arbery. I can't even stand it. She and Lucy are too cute together.