Monday, August 30, 2010

really, school?!

dear school,
didn't we just say goodbye to you?  and now you are back already?  really?!  really, school?  you don't want to stay away a little longer and let us enjoy the lazy, no-schedule, hot summer days for just a little while more.  always the over-achiever aren't you, school.  no worries that we'd all rather be sleeping in and  swimming and playing legos.  you'd rather be getting that head-start on learning.  geez, school.  you are a bit of a brown-noser...  oh, well.  nothing we can do about it, i guess.  i will just have to look on the bright side and try to appreciate the good things you bring.  i will try to enjoy the new school supplies and the fresh uniforms, the excitement of seeing old friends and the thrill of a new classroom.  and i guess learning is ok, too.
yours sincerely,
the burch jerks

(jack really wanted a picture of his backpack, as he loves all his buttons and keychains)

p.s. finn, in particular, would like to know why you have taken his playmates from him.  i'd steer clear of finn for a couple weeks if i were you, school.

p.p.s.  also, school, starting on my birthday was not very nice.  kind of like you were trying to rub it in a little...


Mary Weisse said...

Is this another episode of "Really?! With Seth and Amy and Emily"? No offense, but it would be funnier if they said it. I did sort of smile/laugh though. Also, love the sad picture of the child left behind. Just tell him that means he gets you to himself more and he can have more play time with Jimmy and Ruby without Lucy hogging them.

allison speier said...

Jack definitely wins the prize for pieces of flair.