Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and then there was lulu

(lucy admiring herself in the mirror)

lucy had her first day of school today.  
she looked so grown up to me and yet so little at the same time.  how is that?

(lucy and her orientation buddy madeline)

i thought by your second kid, sending them off to school was supposed to get easier.
it doesn't.
as we walked out of the classroom, leaving lucy there, finn looked up at me with huge tears welling up in his eyes and said, "now what am i gonna do?"  
at least we have mrs. hundelt to leave them with.  what would we do without sweet mrs. hundelt?  she is kind of like a celebrity with my kids.  they get so excited to see her, but really quiet, as if they are in awe around her.
when i picked lucy up at the end of the day, she couldn't stop talking.  she told me every detail of every thing she did from the minute i had left.  down to who she played hide-n-go-seek with at break and every combination of who she hid with, where they hid and who found them.  it was quite the polar opposite of jack's first day of kindergarden in which i tried to ask him questions and was lucky to get so much as a shrug of his shoulders before he finally told me he didn't really want to talk about it anymore.
lucy's very favorite thing that first day was that they got to plant a flower.  they picked their own flower, dug the whole, planted it and watered it.  she was so very impressed with herself for doing all of this on her own.  she can't wait to get back to check on her flower and water it again.
so, i guess we are officially into the routine of the school year.  
can i make a countdown calendar to next june?
just kidding.  kind of...

Monday, August 30, 2010

really, school?!

dear school,
didn't we just say goodbye to you?  and now you are back already?  really?!  really, school?  you don't want to stay away a little longer and let us enjoy the lazy, no-schedule, hot summer days for just a little while more.  always the over-achiever aren't you, school.  no worries that we'd all rather be sleeping in and  swimming and playing legos.  you'd rather be getting that head-start on learning.  geez, school.  you are a bit of a brown-noser...  oh, well.  nothing we can do about it, i guess.  i will just have to look on the bright side and try to appreciate the good things you bring.  i will try to enjoy the new school supplies and the fresh uniforms, the excitement of seeing old friends and the thrill of a new classroom.  and i guess learning is ok, too.
yours sincerely,
the burch jerks

(jack really wanted a picture of his backpack, as he loves all his buttons and keychains)

p.s. finn, in particular, would like to know why you have taken his playmates from him.  i'd steer clear of finn for a couple weeks if i were you, school.

p.p.s.  also, school, starting on my birthday was not very nice.  kind of like you were trying to rub it in a little...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

slug bug observations

this morning in the car on the way to swim lessons, i heard the following being observed from the back seat...
jack: "new slug bugs always have ladies driving them.  like jen and the neffs' babysitter and that lady..."
lucy:  "yeah, and they always have to have flowers in them and they are always ladies."
jack:  "and the really cool old school slug bugs always have guys in them."
finn:  "yeah, guys always drive the cool ones."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lego day(s)

jack has been asking for a "lego day" since the beginning of the summer.
basically a day where we sort all the lego pieces, get out all the directions and rebuild all the lego sets we have.  most of them had been sadly abused and were no longer recognizable.  we won't name names.  (finn).  
it took more than one day.  lego day became lego week.
needless to say, my boys have been in absolute lego heaven.
we finally rebuilt all our sets and now they spend every waking moment playing with them.
its as if christmas came early this year.

jack was very serious about the lego rebuilding.  when he couldn't find the next piece in his directions, he needed everyone to stop what they were doing and help find it that minute.  i kept hearing, "mom, i need a light gray, 2x3 piece.  right now."  it was as if we were performing emergency surgery.  
one morning he asked where a piece was that he had just found before he went to bed.  "i don't think we ever found that piece," i told him.  "oh, i think i had a dream that i found it..." he suddenly realized.
so, yes, he was even dreaming about legos.
 i think "lego day" was even better than he imagined.

and then there was mr. finn, who was just so excited to be allowed to play legos and be in on the big boy fun.  he would build his own stuff, but act like he was following very specific directions and say to me, in the exact tone and manner as jack, "mom, i need like a black square kind of piece.  right now."  he has not woken up one morning in the last week and not immediately asked if he can go play legos.  and this is our kid who usually needs breakfast the very first thing.  
"lego day" is definitely the greatest idea finn has ever heard of...

finn's darth vader love is back in full force...

now jack has moved on to wanting me to take pictures of his legos all "set up" (a little of his godmother in him, could we say?).  i am sure he will want me to do a post on that next...
yes, jack has opinions on what we put on our blog...

i hope when my boys are all grown up, they remember back to the hours i spent sitting (and laying) on the floor with them sorting legos, building legos and looking for that one last piece.  i hope they remember me as a mom who played with them.  well, i better be off to bed.  lots of legos to play with in the morning...

oh, and happy birthday, sara.

Monday, August 16, 2010


i want this poster to hang in my home and always remind me that i want to be happy.
and that being happy is up to me.

*print from mary kate mcdevitt via seesaw

"most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
and by abe lincoln, no less.
well said, mr. president.  

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the zoo in august

as long as there is water...

braces in our future?  bummer.

wondering where the animals are?  i swear we saw some on our way to the water and back to the car...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

making me happy today...

oh, and happy birthday to danny and grandad today.  we love you guys.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a happy (and long-awaited) reunion

after six weeks of not seeing each other, lucy and audrey were beyond excited to finally be reunited.
jack and lili were very excited as well (jack almost yelled out in church when he saw lili several pews ahead), but they seemed to jump right into playing as if they had just seen each other yesterday.
lucy and audrey had to hug and hold hands and talk super close and generally just take it all in.  it was almost as if they didn't quite believe it.  
indeed, anne shirley would have thought it was a beautiful reunion between two bosom friends.

i don't think lucy stopped smiling all day.
she also hasn't stopped asking to see audrey every single day... apparently she thinks they have lost time to make up for.

and just because he was sitting there playing by himself and looking so cute, i couldn't help but throw mr. finn into this post, as well.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

for the love of target

what does it say about how i am raising my kids when the threat, "if you don't start behaving, you won't get to go to target!" really does a number in readjusting their attitude?  i hope their sentiments toward that place aren't growing in an unhealthy manner.  i won't even tell you how long we stayed there.  it is sincerely embarrassing...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation Journal - New York: July 26 and goodbye

see that sign in front of the metropolitan museum of art?
the one that says "closed today"?
bummer planning on our part.  and i kind of had my heart set on it...  oh, well.
no worries.  we just hopped on the bus heading down 5th ave. to the central park zoo instead.  
but only after finishing our coffee on the steps and letting the girls all run around and play for a bit.
we decided lucy and eva should both try their hardest to get hurt to the point of tears before we moved on.  so, they did.  good times.

the whole time we were in new york, lucy would comment on how "finn would love this" and "jack would love that" or "i can't wait to show this to finn" and "i can't wait to tell jack about that."  it is kind of sweet how much she seemed to miss them.  after all, she is used to having them always around to show things to and experience things with.  the zoo put this over the edge.  every single thing we saw was something one of her brothers would love.  i mean, polar bears and penguins?  we will have to plan a family trip someday...

a tearful goodbye was had with our dear friends.  hopefully, we will be seeing you all soon.

then lucy and i made one last stop before heading home to our boys (who we missed so, so, so very much!).  and, thus, lucy finally made it to "shorts" (f.a.o. schwarz).  we spent way too much time here wandering up and down every aisle and had to rush back to the apartment to meet our ride to the airport. it was worth it taking the time to look at every single playmobil set they had.

so, that was our trip.
i hope lucy remembers at least some small bits and pieces of it for the rest of her life.
i know i will.