Tuesday, July 20, 2010

our bags are packed

as some of you know, we started a tradition with our kids that they get to go on a trip all by themselves (with a parent, obviously) for their 5th birthday.
lucy and i leave for new york tomorrow.
we laid it all out and packed it all up a day early.
this is big for me, as i am usually a "up-til-2am-the-night-before" kind of packer.
is it bad that my 5 year old wants to bring so much white to new york?
oh, well.  too late now.

in my vanity, i believe the boys can't get along with out me.
i made a schedule of where they need to be everyday, etc.

i also believe the boys will be so sad without me they won't know what to do (more vanity).
so, i made them a little countdown garland filled with little trinkets - one for each day i am gone.

lucy and i are getting very excited and the boys can't stop talking about their "mimi day" this thursday.
however, when i actually think about leaving i get a little scared and a little sad...
hopefully, that will pass...


hilltopper said...

what a fun tradition!
i love your goody bags.

diane said...

I have been a fan of your blog for a while now. I absolutely the way you package things. This garland is such a cute idea-can I copy? My kids would love it!

Also, I love the butcher paper roll in your kitchen, where did you find the paper in that size? And what is used on the bottom to keep it flat?


jack, lucy and finn said...

diane - copy away! as for the butcher paper roll, i actually bought a roll of paper twice that length from michael's and just ended up having my husband cut it in half. i went to home depot and bought metal plates that screw into the wall so i could attach the paper with magnetic clips to keep it flat. hope that helps!