Monday, July 12, 2010

happy no. 5, lucy burch!

lucy had another great birthday at the beach this year.  she got the only thing on her wishlist - a typewriter.  all the little girls had fun typing away on it.  i love how excited she was when she opened it...

lucy literally squealed when she opened this playmobil dollhouse from g.g. and grandad.  she later told me it was "the most awesome present ever."

and the always sweet and thoughtful laurie found this game for lucy months ago at the flea market.  what a lucky girl lucy is to have so many people love her.

and we topped the evening off with ridiculously huge cupcakes...

on the beach that morning lucy told me it was her best birthday ever.  
she is one funny kid...

happy birthday, lucy burch.
we love you so very much.

but when did you get so big?


the Speiers said...

Happy birthday Lucy! It looks like you had a great day! We miss all of you Burch jerks!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Can you plan my next party please? Complete with typewriter?