Sunday, July 25, 2010

boys weekend

before emily and goose get back, i figured i would put together a quick (yeah right) post about our boys weekend.  i am sure none of our 4 readers care, but i thought it would give emily something to read when she got back.  it has been awhile since i posted anything, and unfortunately i don't have any pictures since my personal photographer is in nyc, but i figured since i am such an excellent writer and my stories are always very well received, i would just wing here goes.

first off, emily generously made us enchiladas and stuffed shells (hopefully someone tries to click on those thinking they will link to pots and peter pans.....i did it again.....hilarious).  anyway, they were delicious, and made my weekend a whole lot easier.  other than sunday morning when i made pancakes, i really just put stuff in the oven.  even tonight, i figured we would polish off the leftover enchiladas even though finn really wanted "those shell things".

goose and spoose left on wednesday morning to go to nyc.  although they would not be making it up to see the new yankee stadium, goose did ask last week while i was watching a yankee game, "dad....who is george stormburger?"  jack of course rolled his eyes and very annoyingly corrected her.  and then finn proceeded to tell her about the book he was writing which compares the history of baseball (hometown heroes, wwii vets, steroids, players unions, and luxury tax) and how it parallels the history of the united states.  he is thinking the title should be called, "america's pastime....or....america's real time?" but he still hasn't decided....probably because he hasn't started researching or writing the book.  finn explained to goose about how he has a whole chapter on the capitalist "stormburger" and what a phenomenal businessman and humanitarian he was.  goose was interested until finn went off on one of his conspiracy theories about how "stormburger" is really still alive, but he is living in bermuda to avoid the luxury tax and keep the yankees in the family.  kind of like how finn thinks eating only toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is better for you than fruit and eggs.  anyway, back to wednesday.  nothing happened that day.

actually, the boys went with mary and jimmy to some tempe water-something and played and then grandad and al watched them in the afternoon until i got off work.  so the boys had fun, but nothing that i know enough about to expand upon.  on thursday, they had a "mimi day", which they also loved.  and mimi bought a dvd of "over 200 hours of cartoons" - even though she thought it was "2 hours of cartoons", so she was really surprised that it kept going for so long.  i figured since they only dented their cartooning watching, mimi was just setting herself up for many "mimi days" in the near future.  and of course johnny was there too - but more on him later.

i took friday off work and at around 9 am baabee and i decided to go camping.  we knew it had been raining and was supposed to continue, but "bilbee the kelly green" (that is the wizard name he will to go by if tolkein ever comes back and writes a story about the misty mountains surrounding harvey's lake) and i thought it would be a fun adventure.....and it was.  here is the quick rundown of how it went:

  1. set up camp in the rain
  2. get kicked out of our campsite because it was reserved
  3. carry our tent to a spot down the street and re-set up camp in the rain
  4. eat dinner under a rigged tarp tied to a few trees and my car
  5. start a fire while the kids played in the tent
  6. huge storm.  thunder.  lighting.  no more fire.  cheap tent.  wet sleeping bags.
  7. concerned boys, but surprisingly ok since "petey the orange" (way cooler....especially since my cape will have a 01 in the back)
  8. the boys fell asleep and the rain stopped.  bilbee the kelly green and i re-started the fire with wet matches (cause wizards can do that) and stayed up to have 7 "last cigarattes" each before finally going to bed
  9. blue skies in the morning, but we knew it was going to rain again, so we hiked down to the creek and went swimming and then drove home (on a side note, while swimming in the water, i could not find the keys to the car, which was odd since i was sure i put them in my velcro pocket.....but then i remembered i re-opened the car so i probably left them in the door.  unfortunately bilbee the kelly green does not have powers to retrieve keys, so he was worried for the next couple hours until we hiked out and indeed found our keys hanging out of the door)
saturday evening we borrowed "bedtime stories" from a neighbor.  i was excited because i figured it was a movie that i would enjoy watching with the kids.....until i realized about 15 minutes into the movie that i had already seen it.....but luckily i remembered nothing, so it was like i was watching it for the first time with deja-vus happening over and over again.  emily later confirmed that we had rented it and she was not too pleased that i let jack and finn watch it (even though finn didn't really pay attention because he was reading some article from 1924 about babe ruth to do some research for his book).

sunday we went to church, the driving range (where we saw johnny stealing balls from another guy's bucket and filling up his own.....and that other guy was finn), and then went swimming most of the afternoon.  we started goonies later that night and then realized that if emily didn't like bedtime stories, she was really not going to like goonies.  so we watched ethiopian wolves hunt mole rats narrated by oprah....also known as "life"....much more exciting.

that's it.  sorry it was so long, but i can guarantee you it wasn't as long as the sermon this morning.  about  25 minutes into it (after 15 minutes of disecting "Our Father"), he said, "thou art in heaven....."  at that point i realized where he was headed and i knew we were in for a doozie.  just so i am not misunderstood (which i never am in blog posts) it was a great sermon and i thought it was very was also very long.  

and thanks to grandad, mary, zach (even though i bet he didn't do anything), jimmy, al, mimi, johnny (same comment as zach), and bilbee the kelly green for helping out this weekend.  start the music.  i'll leave the stage.  i'm sure i forgot to thank someone and it will be all over the huffington post tomorrow.  damn.  


mamamchale said...

can you do a weekly post? i enjoy your writing a great deal, as does everton terrace im sure.

jack, lucy and finn said...

i love this post. it definitely made my day.
i agree with christine on a weekly post by pete.
that's comments from two of your readers...
where's steve white?

Mary Weisse said...

I think he stinks! But I would enjoy his weekly posts just so I can write comments.

becca said...

oh look, a comment from a non-family member :)
i also enjoyed this post, except for your insinuation that goonies is an inappropriate movie. malarkey! kids are never too young for the joys of the truffle-shuffle, troy's bucket and one-eyed willy. probably best that i don't babysit...

Taylor K said...

I'm going to have to agree with Becca that is is never soon to let your kids watch goonies. GREAT post.

Sara said...

Steve was having fun with us in Michigan. But now that we're all back, I agree that Pete should do more posts, and definitely post more links. So much great information. Also, your comment about Oprah was offensive.