Wednesday, June 23, 2010

toy story 3

i was at a coffee shop last week and there was an article in usa today that was titled, "how pixar is making adults cry about toys" (or something like that).  it was particularly funny because we had just seen the movie the night before and i was definitely more than a little weepy at several parts.  in fact, i almost lost it in the first 10 minutes when andy's mom comes into the room where he is playing and starts videotaping him with his toys.  i love the way my kids play and have always wanted to sneak in, unnoticed with a video camera and record how they are.  so much in how they play has already changed from just last month and time just seems to move so fast.  and at the end of the movie, when andy's mom starts crying when he is leaving for college?  come on.  what's a parent supposed to do?
anyway, all this got me thinking about why we started this blog in the first place and what a slacker i have been with it lately.  we want some small record of our kids as kids.  things they say, funny clothes they wear, the way they play together...  something to look back on and remember fondly.  so, i am really going to try to be better at keeping record of all these little things.  no matter how busy life gets.
oh, and go see toy story 3 if you haven't yet.  it is worth every penny.

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