Thursday, June 10, 2010

morning yoga

no, not for me.
mr. flexible likes to pull out the yoga mat and practice his downward dog.

and, of course, his signature move...

i believe this one is called "scratch head with toes."


Rebecca said...

hi there...i live in the valley as well and came across your blog the other day...i spent an absurd amount of time looking through your old posts because...well becasue i just got hooked...i love your entries and think your family is fantastic...those little babies of yours are too cute...hope you're surviving this heat!


Kelly said...

haha. my son loves his downward dog!

The Bird Family said...

Fiona was doing the downward dog this morning, and I thought of you. (I actually think she was trying to bang her head on the floor while standing on two feet, but it looked quite similar...)