Tuesday, June 29, 2010

happy birthday, pete

we love you like crazy.
enjoy your last year in your 20's...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


a perfect summertime stop.

1. they have a photo booth.  always a good time.

2. who wouldn't love to walk out of a store carrying a bag as cute as this...

3. they sell all sorts of little goodies at good prices for kids who have very little money that just has to be spent.  
"mom, how much money is this?" (while holding out a hand of change) 
"um, 16 cents."  
"what can i buy with it?"  
"a piece of gum, or a tootsie roll or anything in those bins."  
happiness all around.  
they even carry silly bandz, which my kids were introduced to by a cousin and now think they are the greatest thing ever.  oh, silly fads...

Friday, June 25, 2010

father's day (a little late...)

this year for father's day we made pete a bloody mary kit.  the kids made flags with the speier girls (there dad loves bloody mary's also) and we printed some martha stewart labels to fancy up our package.  we even treated pete to a bottle of kettle one vodka.  i am pretty sure he enjoyed his gift...

and what fine service he got in the morning...  breakfast in bed on the couch...

my kids absolutely love making pete some sort of book where they answer questions about him.  allie and i did this probably 4 years ago with jack and lili, and jack always wants to make something similar.  he usually remembers that he wants to do this a day or two before father's day, which gives us lots of time.  here is this years book...

we usually don't buy pete anything, but this year we were out and found something we thought he would like, so we just couldn't help ourselves.  this dad really does like shoes...

happy father's day to our favorite dad.
we hope you had a good one.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

toy story 3

i was at a coffee shop last week and there was an article in usa today that was titled, "how pixar is making adults cry about toys" (or something like that).  it was particularly funny because we had just seen the movie the night before and i was definitely more than a little weepy at several parts.  in fact, i almost lost it in the first 10 minutes when andy's mom comes into the room where he is playing and starts videotaping him with his toys.  i love the way my kids play and have always wanted to sneak in, unnoticed with a video camera and record how they are.  so much in how they play has already changed from just last month and time just seems to move so fast.  and at the end of the movie, when andy's mom starts crying when he is leaving for college?  come on.  what's a parent supposed to do?
anyway, all this got me thinking about why we started this blog in the first place and what a slacker i have been with it lately.  we want some small record of our kids as kids.  things they say, funny clothes they wear, the way they play together...  something to look back on and remember fondly.  so, i am really going to try to be better at keeping record of all these little things.  no matter how busy life gets.
oh, and go see toy story 3 if you haven't yet.  it is worth every penny.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

oh, beach...

more time spent at the beach.
more time feeling i am a little spoiled in this life.
too many blessings to count...
 but trying to count them is a good way to make the other stuff not seem like such a very big deal. 

lucy got to pretend she had a little sister for a week
(there were some tears on the drive over about how she "never has a little girl to play with...")

and we got to wake up to mr. happy dec every morning, so that made the trip all the more special...

(dear declan, we miss seeing your cute, happy face every morning.  don't be surprised if we just show up at your front door early one morning to play with you.)

balboa usually seems to mean lots of donuts.  lucky for me i like my donuts with no frosting.  and there are lots of kids willing to eat the frosting and sprinkles off the top of the donut for me.

balboa also means lots of walks and getting to wear sweatshirts in june...

and the super random dinosaur in someone's front yard, which finn asks to go see pretty much the second we cross the bridge onto the island...

a proud moment for my slug bug loving kids.  the 10 point pink slug bug...

and it is always very nice to have an older kid who will read to the younger ones at the end of a long day (while the mom's sit and drink wine clean the house)...

and, of course, the beach...

i must say, mr. finn knows how to relax on vacation...

what could be better than lounging on a porch swing with some good reading in hand (in finn's case the latest playmobil catalogue).

thank you again, balboa.  you are always lovely.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


so, we also have quite a load of apples, as well.
there's lots of baking to be done around here, i guess.

(please excuse the dead grass in this picture, as well as all the others... its summer in phoenix, people, what do you expect?)

and there's nothing better than cute little apple pickers to give you a hand...

Monday, June 14, 2010


once again we have loads of peaches.
more than we can eat.  
and the kids eat a lot.
sam burch came over to our house a couple weeks ago and couldn't help himself from running outside every few minutes to grab another one.  
needless to say, i have found several peach pits left sitting around here and there.

and we have already made peach bombs on several occasions this season...

and blueberry and peach crumbles...

any thoughts or suggestions on cooking with peaches?