Wednesday, May 5, 2010


we made terrariums this weekend and it was ever so much fun.
finn plays in his all the time.  that's actually what he is doing at this very moment.
yesterday we went to mimi's and he insisted on bringing it along.
terrariums are not exactly handy traveling items, but i let him take it anyway.
jack and lucy are a little more serious about keeping theirs orderly and well-misted.
all in all, it was a huge hit.

i love the little additions in each kids terrarium.  jack put an army guy in his, along with the many monkeys.  finn also filled his with monkeys and a space man (huh?).  and lucy found some little ducks and a one armed girl to live in hers.  they really do look so cute all lined up together.

see more about them here, if you want.

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You Are My Fave said...

Those turned out so cute. By the way, I love your kids names. Thank you for not naming one of your kids Charisma or Buster.