Friday, May 7, 2010


pete took my keys to golf with him.
they are my only set.
i spent the morning playing with the kids, drinking coffee, relaxing and making a very intense list of the errands we would be running this afternoon.  we will not be running errands this afternoon.
i also have to pick jack up from school at 3:00.    someone else will be picking jack up for me.
we are having a few people over tonight and i have some last minute things i need from the store.  the same someone getting jack will also be doing my grocery shopping.
i hate feeling stuck.
i hate asking other people to do things for me.
i hate not having control.
i am going to try very hard to go outside, lay in the grass with lucy and finn, and accept that, at this point, there is really nothing else i can do.

have a lovely weekend and, whether you have a mother, are a mother or want to be a mother, i hope you have a wonderful mother's day.  perhaps you will get or give something as lovely as this...

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s + b said...

you poor thing! i absolutely hate feeling out of control, but hopefully everything turned out alright, and that bouquet is adorable!