Tuesday, May 18, 2010

still a lovely day for a picnic?

i love this idea for a picnic club.
i especially love the idea of making buttons.
that would definitely be my first order of business.
so, who wants to join?
we could be the phoenix division and there could be one in every city...
who's with me?!!

these are pictures i took for a "project" i am working on with bev and christine.
what do you think?


Alissa said...

emily, it's beautiful

Lucia said...


Joslyn said...


Sarah M said...

This is absolutely amazing. I could spend all day sitting at this picnic. Gorgeous!!

Sandra said...

The Urban Picnic is beautiful! I posted your picture on my blog, if this is not okay, please let me know! I will absolutely take it down. Thanks!


Kristy said...

just stumbled upon your blog. haven't even read it yet. but LOVE this "project" prop. LOVE IT!!! off to see and read more :O)