Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my mother's day

it was very lovely.
i woke up to my favorite coffee delivered by lucy with the instructions that i stay in bed and did i "need anything else?"  i asked her to find me a magazine with a lady holding a plate of food on the cover, to which she replied, "lady.  plate of food.  ok."  and quickly returned with just such a magazine.
when i did get up, there was a new light hanging over my kitchen table and some particularly lovely handmade gifts and cards.  (as well as a delicious selection of muffins).

my sweet family also got me these...

with plans for something like this...

pete went on to spend the rest of the day doing all the laundry and ironing, as i lounged about doing little of anything.
what a very lucky girl i am indeed.
i love my little family so much and it is, after all, thanks to them, that i am a mother.
i feel ever so blessed.

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becca said...

i love the new light! pete must read your blog too ;o).