Tuesday, May 4, 2010


last week we were at the nursery picking up a few things and the kids spotted these lovely garden ladys (also known as lady bugs) in the check out line.  we had bought them once a very long time ago when jack was little and he sat for hours and let them crawl all over him, inside his shirt, on his face, everywhere.  the kids asked (begged) to get them and, apparently, i was feeling a little nicer than usual and said ok.  they provided hours of entertainment.  even for finn who was terrified of them.  this is my kid who will swat barehanded at a bee, spider or cockroach, but lady bugs? no way.  he literally screamed any time one touched him.  he thoroughly enjoyed following them around and watching them for hours, however.  jack and lucy, on the other hand, had them crawling all over them.  lucy had them in her hair and all over her skirt.  jack had just finished an ice cream sandwich and they were stuck like glue to the ice cream drippings left on his fingers.  and, best of all, the lady bugs were happily eating all the little aphids on our rose bush.  hours of fun for your kids and helpful in your garden.
thanks, lady bugs.

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