Wednesday, May 26, 2010

have you seen this blog?

a blog of thank you's.

my mom always told me to write thank you's, also.
i need to get better about that again.
if i owe you a thank you, thank you.  
and i am sorry it is a little late...

here's to more hand written little notes.


mamamchale said...

that is so awesome! love it, love it. kind of reminds me of something i saw on the jimmy fallon show, except his were being read outloud and were rather hysterical. i laughed outloud to every one. but its the one and only time i watched that show...stayed up too late one night. he's really funny.

Mary Weisse said...

Oooh! I love Jimmy Fallon too in case anyone out there in the world didn't already know. Now I want to see what Christine was talking about. I liked the Thank You's. I should go write some real ones now... From Christmas.

Taylor K said...

Yes, and I love the Monday note. I have a post ready to go next Monday with that very note in it. :)

becca said...

i love hand written notes, especially thank yous. and when ever i receive a thank you, i always want to send back a 'your welcome' card. i've made them a couple of times.
oh, and mary, because i know how much you love jimmy fallon, he does his thank you card sketch pretty often and as christine said, hilarious!! he's come so far since his troll doll sketch.

jack, lucy and finn said...

oh, becca, i love that you referenced the troll doll sketch!
now i want to write you a thank you for commenting so frequently on my blog.

Twila said...

love this...I need to start writing mine!


Walter Helena said...

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I wish you all my best.


Anonymous said...

well if we haven't seen the blog before we sure have by now! Come on give us something new. - Luke