Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy no. 3, mr. finn.

so, i wanted to do a pancake party.
finn wanted peter pan.
thus, we came up with this happy compromise...
a peter PANcake party

who knew you could find so much inspiration simply by googling "peter pan party" (thank you, mer mag!)  and the poppers were a perfect alternative to a pinata - shake it open for your own little "pinata" experience.  

and because i am a little (a lot) obsessed with photobooths, i decided to throw one together like we did for lucy's birthday.  and baabee even made some talking bubbles with quotes from peter pan for the kids to hold (to order your own go to baabeecandoit.com... just kidding, this isn't a real website.  but it should be - for all your family feud and talking bubble needs.).

(finn is telling jack, "i got a crocodile!" - tippy top of his birthday wishlist)
(i apologize for jack's nasty knee in the above two pictures).
(love the above reaction... even if he does have drunk, allergy eyes)
(loved the comment about the boat, "and a string, so i can pull it."  which he does.  all over the house.)

that night we had family over for a few more of finn's favorites - chips and queso and darth vader.
good, good times.

(and he got the lincoln logs he asked for, which were just after crocodile on his list)

i'd say it was a mighty fine day for a three year old.

happy birthday, sweet finn.
when did you get so old...


wishful nals said...

this is the sweetest party ever! love your decorations and finn's sweet hat. love your blog!

The Bird Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet little Finn! It looks like another fabulous party :) I love that guests came in costume.

becca said...

what an amazing party! i love the clothespin peter pan and wendy, so cute!

You Are My Fave said...

This is rad. I love the little pancake piles.

Joslyn said...

aacckk this is GORGEOUS too...so much goodness today lady!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This is seriously one of the cutest birthday parties I have ever seen. I may be biased because Peter Pan is actually my favorite movie and I can't resist cute little kids. I love the speech bubbles.