Friday, April 23, 2010

a picnic on the "ppsshh" beach

"ppssshh" would be the sound of waves crashing on the big beach (as opposed to the bay beach).
this is what finn called going to the big beach, where he just so happened to want to go to every day.
on our first day home, i was laying down for a nap with him and he sleepily asked if when we woke up we could "go to 'ppsshh' beach" for a little bit.  poor guy.  he was born to live near waves.
our first visit to a big beach came on monday afternoon.  after playing in the bay all morning and having a very exciting (slightly scary) kayaking adventure, i packed up a picnic and we headed over to corona del mar.  we sat in the sand, eating our dinner and enjoying the waves.  nights like this make me wonder why the whole world doesn't live in california...  or cleveland.

for some reason, lucy really enjoys taunting the ocean.  she likes to yell out at the waves and somewhat dare them to come and get her...

do you think a day will ever come when lucy doesn't think it is the absolute coolest to wear her brother's "handy-down" clothes?  she loves this sweatshirt, solely based on the fact that "it used to be jacky's."

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Taylor K said...

I love the psshhhhh beach too. :) I grew up on the bay beach (Belmont Shore) and always looked forward to my days at the psshhhh beach (San Onogre).