Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

well, our third annual st. patrick's day block party has come and gone. 
and i must say, it was a mighty fine time (and, yes, there will be a lot of pictures to follow).

*the pub, before it was stuffed full of people

*the only time i saw jack burch all day.  he momentarily stepped out of the giant inflatable obstacle course to have a cupcake, but didn't have time to stop for a picture.

my ever-so-sweet husband indulged me and added a photo wall (like this one) to his pub this year.
it was quite a hit, if i do say so myself...
(and, again, yes, there will be an excessive number of pictures).

*an end of the night picture of all those who stuck around 'til the kegs were dry (and then some).


The Bird Family said...

Great pictures! I almost died laughing when I saw the guys faces on the couples one...and then you had to put in the topless one, which didn't help my fit. We had SUCH a good time! Thanks again for everything!

Lucia said...

man, you've done it again -- put me into a laughing fit that causes pain! that photo wall, and the pics that are a product of it, is nothing short of genius. wish we could have been there. and tell your dad he can really rock a beard.

Susan Crabtree said...

I just found you from the Willows blog & this party is SO AMAZINGLY FUN! I featured you today on my blog:

Brittanie said...

Could y'all get any more creative?! That whole thing is just AMAZING!!!

And I love your kiddies names :)
We have a Finn too!