Wednesday, March 10, 2010

happy birthday, jack!

do i really have a 7 year old?

finn laughing, as if it were a hilarious joke, that we got jack "a big shoe" (baseball cleats)...

finn moving on to the next present, while jack is still quite pleased with his "big shoes"...

finn ("look, jack! look!") and lucy ("oh, boy, oh, boy...") were so excited to give jack this present...

apparently, they know him pretty well...

best. reaction. ever.

breakfast was eggs benedict (jack's request).
i took treats to jack's class at break (brownies and ice cream - his request).
the lunch i packed him was a turkey bagel sandwich and doritos (mind you, we never have chips, which i am pretty sure jack would choose over sweets any day, but his sweet dad picked some up for the lucky birthday boy.  thus, lunch was, obviously, jack's request).  
i came home and began getting ready for some family to come over for dinner (pizza and strawberry spinach salad) and cake (an ice cream cake with whipped cream and strawberries on top).  clearly all this was to jack's request, as well.  it's not so bad having a birthday around here, i'd say...
  and sweet little lucy helped me make jack his very own "edible arrangement."  he has been wanting one for some time, but i figured lucy and i could make one that he would like just as much (even if its not quite as professional looking...).   and we certainly had fun making it.

i really, really wish i had a video of when we gave this to jack.  that kid seriously loves fruit.
he insisted on fruit for the top of his cake, as well.
seriously.  he loves fruit.

he got rather spoiled with all the generous gifts he was given.  it goes without saying, he sure has a lot of people who love him an awful lot.

you are one sweet kid, jack burch.  we love you so much!
happy birthday!

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