Friday, February 19, 2010

there's just something about this place.

jack made a trail of "bear paw prints" to try and trick lucy and finn.
here he is inspecting them...

they led into the water and jack was doing the whole act of "oh, my goodness, lucy!  look at this!"  so i added, "maybe its the mysterious, never-before-seen sea bear..."
this changed jack's expression immediately and he looked at me like cousin eddie and said, "seriously?!"
("you serious, clark?").
he's a little bit gullible.
finn had no time for the made up paw prints...
he was busy yelling at passing boats to "make waves!" and then running through the waves that followed his request as if they were made just for him.
this ongoing exchange between finn and every passing boat (or kayak) kept finn happy for about an hour.  
and he was, oh, so proud.
and, yes, my kids prefer playing at the beach in their clothes.
who needs swim suits when you aren't actually swimming?
the second hour was filled with mud balls.
(finn started this game, but everyone joined in).
just as fun and exciting as boats that make waves on demand.

pete, you may have to come out here and drag us home.
i am not sure we will ever want to leave...
or, perhaps you should just pack a bag and join us...

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