Thursday, February 18, 2010

i survived...

the 5 1/2 hour drive (ok, it took us closer to 6, but still...) from phoenix to balboa all by myself with all three kids.  and, i have to say, i would easily do it again.  everyone is just at an easy age.  no one little enough to need to nurse or scream in a car seat and jack was able to help with all typical "mom duties" in the back seat.  someone needed a snack?  jack was on it.  drink of water?  no problem.  oh, dropped your marker cap?  jack's already got it for you.  a couple more bathroom stops than usual, but we weren't too concerned about making time, so no worries.  and now, we're here!  and the delicious ocean air and leisurely walks around the island make the drive all the more worth it.

*a flower growing on our front wall in phoenix

jack and i did have a very intense game of slugbug on the way over.  he was killing me and then i made a huge comeback right at the end (he tried to pull the "i'm just getting tired now" excuse, but i wasn't buying it).  i tied it up as we were coming down jamboree just minutes from getting to balboa.  take that you little six year old!  ('cause that's how we play games in our family).  and then over the hill were two yellow slugbugs and jack got them both.  his celebration was a little in-your-face and over-the-top if i do say so myself...

(since i wasn't taking pictures as we drove across the state line or of our bathroom break in chiriaco summit and some people only like to look at pictures and move on (no time for words) i am just throwing on a couple random pictures i have sitting on my desktop...)

*some sweet cousin and friend love from declan's and vivienne's baptism
well, we got here last night, went for a walk, ate some pizza and stayed up way too late watching the olympics.  (did i mention we love the olympics?  i will save that for its own post...)  and now i am off to take another walk and perhaps play in the sand a bit.  life is very good just now, i must admit.  
wish you were here.

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allison speier said...

You must have had your camera back by then. Pretty Sure my pictures didn't turn out as good. - Luke