Thursday, February 11, 2010

goose and me

***pete posting***

***after 1.5 glasses of not too inappropriate, but just enough to be humorous...i hope***

goose has some great quotes, and of course i do as well, but somehow goose is the only one that appreciates my quotes as much as i do.   i know this probably won't last, so i have to appreciate it while i can.  when i make a "baabee joke", otherwise known as a "dad joke", jack often looks at me like i am a moron, and meanwhile goose will be giggling in her ridiculous high pitched laugh that i love.  apparently i am extremely funny to 4 year old girls and not so much to 6 year old boys.  in any event, since goose loves my stupid jokes, i figured i would mention her comments that i here is goose for you:

  • blinklet - goose's name for blanket.  often used when asking for a "blinklet" because she is cold in our 70 degree weather (that's right hopi and therese - we are cold in 70 degree weather....feel free to comment back in late july)
  • yogrit - goose often asks for "yogrit and granola" for breakfast.  i always want to give her some mixture of grits and yo-baby, but i usually succumb to just getting out the yogurt and granola.
  • booch it - this is actually my phrase.  when i lay down with goose to put her to bed, i always tell her to scoot over....or "booch it" -  not sure where this started, but it has stuck.  in fact, the last few nights she has not "booched" over enough for me to fit and so i have resorted to calling her a "boocher" - to which she responds with stupid giggles that makes me laugh, and her laugh, and me laugh, and her laugh more, and then i have to try and be stern and tell her to stop laughing (while i am laughing).  and then, she still doesn't booch it, and i call her the "boochiest" and the whole damn thing starts all over again.  but in all seriousness, goose is a boocher.  
  • memember - not an uncommon kid mistake, but i love how goose easily throws it into a sentence.....such as, "do you memeber when i spilled yogrit on my blanklet because dad wouldn't booch it after i called him a boocher because he is the boochiest?".  
  • guhl - i tried to phonetically spell her attempt at "girl", but i am sure it doesn't do it justice.  but basically she dresses in one color - head to toe - and comes out to enthusiastically announce herself as "pink guhl" or "blue guhl" or "white guhl"
i am sure i am missing more "goosisms", but i am also sure that after the last bullet point i should stop.  so merry christmas, happy st. patrick's day, and go USA in the winter olympics!!!

rock on. 

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