Sunday, January 24, 2010

conversations overheard...

a few things from the past weeks (ok, maybe even months... its been a while)...

- "my favorite star wars movie is when 'the umpire strikes out'."  - finn
- "let's pretend we're brother and sister and our mom and dad died..."  - any given kid, any day of the week.  apparently this is a popular theme...
- from the toilet: "what do you want to play after i wipe this?"  - lucy
- at christmastime, jack's school had a can drive that he was very serious about.  he asked if we could buy thousands of cans.  i told him no.  he thought about it for a minute, then replied, "if we use all our money to buy cans, then we'll be poor.  then people will just give us cans.  so we should just buy as many cans as we want because it won't matter if we spend all our money."
- i asked lucy what she wanted to get her brothers for christmas.  "hmmmm...  finn really wants polar bears and i think jack really wants cans."  (clearly he didn't let the can thing go for a while...).
- "i will only be wendy if peter pan and wendy can get married."  - lucy
- lucy asked finn, "who do you want to marry?" while showing him a selection of apparent choices, to which finn replied, "probably this girl because she has blue hair.  and i love blue hair."
- finn, trying to get out of having to go to church, said, "but i don't want a donut, so i don't have to go to church."  after having it explained to him, that either way he was going, it was whether or not he was good that determined his donut standings, he said, "fine.  i'll have a donut."
- very mad (imagine an adult so upset they are swearing) lucy slammed her fist on the table and said, "darnit! barnit! malarnit!"  (sounded more like, "dawnit! bawnit! malawnit!).
- jack came across a holy card with the novena to st. jude on it and asked me who the picture on it was.  i assumed it was st. jude, considering the prayer on the back, and told him that is who it was.  he said, "no, i don't think so."  "who do you think it is?" i asked.  "i don't know, but not st. jude," he told me.  "i'm fairly sure that's who it is, jack."  "maaaa-om! (read this like an annoyed teenager and continue that annoyance through the rest of this statement) it. just. doesn't. look. like. st. jude!"  so, i couldn't help but ask, "how do you know what st. jude looks like?"  and, with a complete change of emotion, jack nonchalantly said, "that's true."  and that was the end of our discussion.
- finn walked into the playroom last week and said, "jack, sorry i said i didn't like you."  "you didn't say that," replied jack.  "i said it to lucy, " admitted finn.

(finn shaking his groove thing at the rock-n-roll marathon...  because it felt boring with no pictures).


Alissa said...

I actually laughed out loud reading these. Laughed hard.

jack, lucy and finn said...

only jack could take a "canned food drive" to a whole new competitive level.....he clearly gets that from his crazy aunt maisie.


Melissa Y. Allam said...

This is the cutest. It's awesome that you have written these things down. Your kids have me laughing. They will certainly have something to laugh about later in life when they read these.