Monday, January 25, 2010

can i please go to bed?

lucy seems to ask this question on a semi-regular basis.  she is our only kid who realizes when she is tired and wants to go to bed (the boys both seem to jump at the opportunity to stay up and try desperately to deny ever being tired).  and when lucy decides its time - its time that very second.

a couple of weeks ago we were eating dinner at pete's parents and only about 10 minutes into dinner she came up to me and whispered, "i'm tired, can i go to sleep on the couch."  which she did, and slept through the next 2 hours of dining and adult conversation all around her.  then the other night, she came walking in from playing with her brothers and said, "can i please go to bed?"  pete quickly answered, "nope."  her face almost sunk before pete quickly assured her that he was joking and, of course, she could go to bed.  our sweet little goose.  she definitely always knows what she wants...

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