Thursday, January 7, 2010

best. gift. ever.

martha's rum cake.
made by martha herself.
martha is pete's grandma and she makes rum cake every year for her christmas eve gathering.  and i look forward to it every year.  this year there was no rum cake sitting out with the other desserts.  then it was time for presents and guess what we got?  our very own rum cake to take home.  an entire rum cake just for us.  it may be the most excited i have been about a present in a while...
i ate it for breakfast every morning for a week (so delicious with coffee).

then i ate a slice after the kids were in bed each night (so delicious when no one is begging for a bite).
it is the best rum cake i have ever had.  actually, it is the best cake i have ever had.

now for my new year's resolutions...
1. eating better (i.e. no cake for breakfast)
2. hanging clothes in my closet.  i have a serious problem with throwing clothes on the front seat of my car, hanging them on any available hook, door knob or back of a chair, piling them on my dresser and worst of all leaving them in a heap in the bathroom cabinet.  it drives me crazy when every sweater, scarf and jacket i own are thrown all about the house (it looks sloppy and i can never find anything) and yet i cannot stop.  i hereby resolve to take the extra few steps into my closet and hang them back up (unless, of course, they are dirty, in which case i will put them in the laundry basket.  obviously).
3. i haven't come up with a third and for some reason i feel like i should have three...

perhaps i should try and come up with something a little more ambitious for 2010.  these don't seem all that difficult...  at least i am not like finn who, after hearing jack resolve to brush his teeth both at night and in the morning, decided his new year's resolution would be to eat queso and watch the cardinals every sunday (what is poor mr. finn going to do when there are no more cardinals to watch until next fall?).  then pete kind of brain washed finn into saying his new year's resolution was to go potty on the toilet and convinced lucy that hers was to work on her reading with him.  
so, that's that.
any good suggestions for new year's resolutions?  i am still feeling the need for a third, more ambitious one...

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Mary Weisse said...

Here's my suggestion for resolution #3: Put Disneyland set-up pictures on a disc for your sister and then make a post on your blog about it.... While you are at it you can add Halloween pictures as well, but as you probably know, I gave up and just posted my own and stole some of yours.
PS- Teach me to post bigger pictures too please