Monday, January 4, 2010

back to the grind...

waking up while its still dark.
making lunch at 6:45a.m. (before breakfast).

throwing uniforms in the dryer to warm them up in a never-ending attempt to convince a 6 year old that he is going to school today (and tomorrow...).
waking a warm, cozy two year old from a deep sleep to put him in a chilly car (soggy dipe and all) and handing him a bagel on a napkin for his breakfast - good morning, mr. finn.
two sad kids already missing their big brother.

lunch duty.
piano lessons.
showers and baths.
start all over tomorrow.
and i wouldn't change any of it.  life is good.
we had a wonderful holiday and were quite spoiled with all the down-time to just play and be together.  here's to another year of enjoying each other and enjoying life.
we have so many blessings and so much to be thankful for.
happy 2010.

ok, so maybe if i actually had the power to change things, christmas break would be an entire month...  but other than that, i couldn't be happier.

and finally, now that my life has a little more schedule to it, perhaps i will be able to give some more love to my sadly neglected blog...


Brian said...

it's about time! the old post "Finally...a new post" teased me every time. I almost worried that you did go to a bloggers detox group.

The Bird Family said...

Love the picture of Lucy in Jack's old sweater. So sweet!

Sara said...

I totally hear ya on the back to the grind theme... Christmas break was way too short... makes me think of homeschooling again!! When I had to drag Sam from his warm cozy nap yesterday to go pick up the kids after school, it almost broke my heart. Wake up honey, let's go sit in a 20 degree car!

allison speier said...

I feel for you least we don't have to deal with those frigid temps...and all that outerwear!! But Lucy's devastated, lying on the concrete driveway picture is hilarious...

becca said...

sad face. sometimes starting a new year is no fun at all (tell lucy, i'm totally feeling her - that picture describes my mood perfectly).