Friday, December 11, 2009

finally... a new post and a new baby

so, yes i have been quite the slacker on this blog lately, i realize.  i will just chock it up to holiday craziness and try not to feel too bad if my kids have been doing adorable/hilarious/insane/horrible things that my camera is not catching or saying hysterical/kind/sweet/awful things that i am not documenting.  oh, well.  its hard to have it all, right?

i do, however, have to say welcome to the newest member of the burch family, mr. declan james mchale.  miss katie and i were fortunate enough to be some of his first visitors at the hospital.  i love meeting a brand new familiar face.  he looks so much like so many other little faces i know.  he is the sweetest little baby you have ever seen and we couldn't all be more excited about his arrival... ok, so maybe his own little family and sweet little sister are more excited than us, but we are awfully excited too.  welcome, baby declan.  we love you.


The Bird Family said...

Oh so sweet! I love those pictures you took post-hospital! And am very impressed that you put up a picture of's nice to see you on the other end of the camera occasionally.

Lucia said...

oh man, he's the cutest baby ever.