Thursday, November 5, 2009

what means home run?

i guess i am due for my quarterly blog post since the yankees won their 27th world series, a mere 17 ahead of the next closest team (and 20 ahead of the bosox i might add).  jack, goose, and finn were very excited.  during the playoffs, there were many discussions about favorite players:

jack - a-rod / rivera / brett gardner
goose - matsui
finn - jeter (or jetes as the toolbox announcer called him after the game during the celebration)
pete - rivera
emily - bernie williams (she is a little behind, but she is cute, so we let it slide)

here are the highlights of the burch jerks baseball watching over the past few weeks:

  • finn asking about every 3 minutes during every game, "is that guy derek jeter?"  he did finally figure out that he had to be wearing pinstripes, so then it was only every time they showed a yankee, "is that guy jeter?"  and then he figured out he was #2, so it turned into, "look! derek jeter!"  he also found #2 in jack's baseball guys and carried him around for a few days and had a panic attack if he temporarily lost derek jeter
  • lucy using her common phrase of "what means _____?" to show off her GG-esque lack of basic sports knowledge.  here are a couple conversations between me, jack, and goose:
jack: "yeah!!!! lucy, matsui just hit a home run!!!"
lucy: "what means home run?"
jack: "it means he hit the ball over the fence and scored a run"
lucy: "what means a run?"
jack: "it means the yankees are winning"


me: "oh, come on....that was a strike!"
lucy: "what means strike?"
me: "uh...."
finn: "let me help you out there father.  a strike can be accomplished in two ways.  first, the swinging strike is when a batter swings and misses the ball thrown by the pitcher.  or, the 'called strike', originally proposed by daniel 'doc' adams in the first baseball convention held in new york in 1858 is when the batter does not swing, but the umpire - in this case joe west, who incidentally looks like a family member who shall go unnamed - deems that the ball crosses home plate through the imaginary area  that defines where a pitch must pass through."
lucy: "what means ball?"

in fact, tonight at dinner, lucy was quizzed with someone asking her what a home run is.  she confidently responded, "when the guy runs to the first base."
  • finn constantly using his own lucy-ism to ask, "who is batting up?" or more likely, "is jeter batting up?"
  • losing $3 to drew fahrendorf on an angels game and then immediately winning it back the next day.....stick it drew!!!
  • jack winning $3 and a donut from mimi mcmahon (jack bet on the phillies over the dodgers and the yankees over the angels and obviously won both.....then he bet another dollar on the yankees over the phillies)  thanks mimi for teaching jack about gambling, and further having him teach goose:
jack: "yes!!! mimi has to give me $3 and a donut!!!"
lucy: "why?
jack: "cause i bet her the yankees and phillies would win."
lucy: "what means bet?"
jack: "uh..."
finn: "my dear brother, would like me to interject?"
emily: "what means interject?" (like i said, she is a little behind, but still cute)
  • and of course, the never ending slow motion replays by jack off in the corner playing the part of rivera, jeter, posada, the drunk fan behind the phillies dugout, and even joe buck. 
well, it is over.  we all look forward to the beginning of a new dynasty.  although i am a little upset that i can no longer use the phrase, "stairway to 27", i guess i could come up with something new - like, "28....4 times the bosox....delicious"


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