Thursday, November 12, 2009

quote of the day

two things to know:
1) my kids love the game slug bug
2) jen, who works at the willows, drives a yellow slug bug that is a favorite of my kids and can be spotted most days in the willows parking lot, thus being a highlight of driving down indian school

here's my quote of the day:
this morning after dropping jack off at school finn spotted a slug bug, which he enthusiastically called out.  following which, lucy heaved a heavy sigh and said, "i wish i was jen's kid.  then my car would be a slug bug not a van."  "van" is to be read as if it were the most loathsome automobile one could own.

thanks, lucy.


Sara said...

just tell her "at least we don't LIVE in a van... down by the river!!" (Chris Farley skit from SNL)

Caution: Girls at Play! said...

LOL We play the same game and the kids always can rely on the yellow "hug bug" in the Willows parking lot. Yes, it's all about "the love" in our car. Instead of hitting each other we give each other hugs. Try it for a week - I promise you will never go back to slug bug (at least we haven't).