Monday, October 12, 2009

why do i miss summer?

obviously, i do not miss the heat.  i have been loving this weather.  that goes without saying.  playing outside, riding bikes, leaving doors and windows open...  all that is fabulous.  what i miss are days like today.  jack didn't have school today (apparently it was columbus day), so we slept until we didn't feel like sleeping anymore, played til we were hungry and had a wonderful day of relaxing, crafting, decorating for halloween and enjoying being together with nowhere else we needed to be.  that is why i miss summer.  i miss having all my kids together.  i miss the way they play.  i miss not having our lives ruled by a school schedule.  i miss the laid-back freedom of summer and all that goes with it.  it is for all those reasons (and so many more...) that i don't really mind the heat all that much.  so, until next summer, i will just have to savor the lovely days off we have from time to time.


The Schuler Posse said...

This post totally shows why you are such an awesome mom. When we see commercials on tv in August before school starts and the parents are acting pumped to be rid of their kids, my mom says that was never how it was for her- she said she was always as sad as we were about school starting. :(

allison speier said...

very true. Summertime is the best. Plus, I don't think anyone is prepared for the first year of full-day school for your firstborn. It was a really big adjustment to only having a few hours a day with Lili, but I guess it makes you appreciate the time with them home that much more. Also, I second Katie's praise of you--you ARE an awesome mom! Look at how you slice up your pears and apples into tiny neat slices. I just rinse off a piece of fruit and throw it to my kids...and Lili came home from your house on Saturday talking about your awesome TOASTED peanut butter sandwiches...always going the extra mile!