Friday, October 2, 2009

the store game

i am not sure who came up with this game, but lately my kids have been playing something called "the store game" whenever we are driving around.  it basically just consists of saying the name of any store you see.  jack has the obvious advantage since he can, not only recognize places, but also read the signs of stores he doesn't just happen to know.  lucy merely yells out places she recognizes such as target, safeway, strarbucks, etc.  and poor mr. finn tries desperately to get points by shouting things like "grocery store!"  or "gas station!" or "church!"  yesterday we were driving down indian school and he very excitedly yelled, "g.g.'s store!"  followed up quickly by "britto place!"  i have to say, he was certainly quite pleased with himself and his two points for the game.

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