Tuesday, October 27, 2009

arts and crafts

this was our table over the course of two days last week.  it still makes me happy.  i love getting everything out and making a big mess and playing arts and crafts all day.  and, lucky for me, so does lucy.  she was hard at work on a special project for a dear friend in a faraway land (dallas).  her little project turned out mighty fabulous, if i do say so myself.  many side projects were worked on as well, several peter pans drawn, an excessive number of pencils sharpened and some glitter dumped.  finn came and went from it all, drawing a little then back to playing on the floor.  it was wonderful.  i guess i can appreciate that we just need to find the calm in the midst of all that is madness during the fall.

finn worked very hard on this picture (about 3 whole minutes).  it is "a shark and a guy swimming by the shark and the shark is going to bite him."  (hint: the guy is the one with arms and legs...)

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Lucia said...

oh goodness. pangs of missing you guys. that looks like one serious project she has been working on and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Tell that lovely girl of yours that Eva and Felicity are going to be Susan and Lucy Pevensie for Halloween. We've made new arrows, dresses, cordial bottles... we just wish you all were here to go trick or treating with us. Next year?