Thursday, September 3, 2009

one man's junk

i had the very fortunate privilege of going on a shopping date with pete's grandpa to goodwill. he seems to know all the good spots and as i was in the market for frames he knew just the goodwill with the very best frame selection. i bought a whole stack of frames (his treat, actually, as a birthday gift... i am spoiled, i know), which i am saving til i spruce them up a bit, so for now i will just share my other treasures. i got the below thread in a bag (also came with stacks of bias tape, safety pins and some elastic) for $2. a few days ago i bought two spools of thread at michael's and spent $3. these even come on cute wooden spools that i am sure you can save for something crafty after the fact. any ideas? sweet grandpa burch also bought lucy and finn each a little toy. so, i guess we are all a little spoiled. thanks so much, grandpa. we love you.

clearly someone had big plans for a mint green dress, pillows, curtains or something of that nature...

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