Thursday, September 24, 2009

bedhead, still in style...

we were sitting at the kitchen table eating an after school snack on tuesday and jack was telling me about his day. all of a sudden he got this look on his face like he was trying to hold back a smile and he said, "oh! you know how my hair was all spiky this morning? you know from sleeping?" (yes, we don't really brush hair at our house...). "at the beginning of chapel when we were walking in my prayer buddy whispered to me, 'cool hair.' and he's in HIGH SCHOOL. and i was like, 'thanks,' but i didn't even do anything, it was just from sleeping." then he let that big smile go and full on burst out laughing. it was that fine line between thinking it was really funny that his bed head had been deemed cool, but at the same time loving it... especially from a high schooler.

hey, sometimes you can't help but just be naturally that cool...

also, i am not really sure how kirtsy works, but check this out.

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Alisha said...

ella says, "oh yea, your hair looks nice, nice and spiky!"

christopher and andrew say, "put on a hat!"

ella mom (ella typing there wanting to type both our names!...sorry:))