Friday, August 14, 2009

boggis and bunce and bean

one fat, one short, one lean.

if you love roald dahl,
and fantastic mr. fox (we used to own this book, but lucy was so terrified of it that she couldn't even sleep in the same room as it. even if she couldn't see it. just knowing that it was there. she would even run by the bookshelf that it was on in the middle of the day. so, we may have gotten rid of it...),

and wes anderson,
and the voice talents of bill murray, jason schwartzman, owen wilson, adrien brody and george clooney (to name a few),
then check this out.
i actually never read this book as a kid, but pete did and he has since read it to jack (i have since read it also), so they are excited to go see it. i will probably keep our little scared-of-everything lucy at home for that outing...

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Alissa said...

That sounds amazing. Between that and Alice and Wonderland, I might just lose my mind.