Thursday, July 23, 2009


monday night was one of those nights that i just might call perfect. nothing special, yet somehow just right. my family came over and brought pizza for dinner and afterwards everyone settled in to some kind of game. my dad and i were playing shut-the-box in the kitchen, jack and pete were playing parcheesi on the floor of the tv room, the little boys were running around giggling and entertaining themselves, and in the dark, quiet corners of the house there was an intense game of hide-n-seek in the works. (side note: while hiding in the bathroom with lucy, erin told me it was a little stinky and when danny found them in there he commented on the smell. lucy quickly told him, "ya, it was probably erin." and then looked at erin and said with a smirk, "i smelled you in there..." apparently lucy was also getting very frustrated with people not being quiet enough when hiding. she does afterall have that competitive burch blood flowing in her veins...). anyway, back to my point... it was a stormy night and suddenly it started to rain. not some slight showers, but actually dumping buckets. for those of you who do not live in the desert or have never experienced a desert monsoon, they are somewhat magical. they are warm and wonderful and always appreciated (this is the desert...). and they bring with them one of my absolute favorite smells. i cannot explain it, but warm desert rain is a smell unto itself. so, everyone (yes, everyone. every adult and every kid) decided to run out into the rain and get completely soaked.

it was as if we were farmers whose crops would have died if not for the heavenly rain. what could be better than playing in the rain at 9:00 at night in the middle of the summer? finn loved it so much he didn't want to come in. it was one of those nights that just exudes happiness. i hope these are the kind of memories my kids hold on to as they grow up...

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